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Racks series CDAD

Available for the sector
  • Poultry Farms
  • Greenhouses

U-Profile Rack with double toothed edges in steel DX51D+Z275, 2 mm thickness, and cold-profiling manufactured.

The rounded tooth limits the wearing out and reduces the friction between rack and pinion. The pinion cage, made in galvanized sheet, has 3 locking points that guarantee a firm fastening; its 2 rollers make for a smoother sliding of the bar. The pinion, in self-lubricating synthesized material, is fastened to the driving tube by 2 set of screws 8x12. The high-precision manufacturing of the bar profile makes this rack an excellent product for those who want high performances.

Our CDAD racks is ideal for vents of small or medium dimensions. Its lengths go from 60 mm up to 1600 mm (straight or curved)

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