For some time now I have been reflecting on the meaning of "reliable supplier".

Every company has a list of suppliers being evaluated on an annual basis for compliance of supplies, timing of delivery and price (I omit the classification by importance because every company has different needs).

But what does the word “reliable supplier” really mean? Who does everything perfectly? Who is never wrong? Certainly a supplier is supposed to implement all necessary actions to make a product as perfect and suitable for the client’s needs as possible.

But the problem, even if small, is always just round the corner. And it is said that the only person who makes no mistakes is the one who never does anything.

Therefore the reliability of a supplier does not only consist in producing well and on-time supply, but also in their ability to quickly solve any problems faced by the client. So the "reliable supplier" is not perfection (i.e. the absence of error).

Only a presumptuous person does not admit the error. Sometimes what seems negative at first sight gives us the opportunity to show our skills in solving non-conformities (i.e. Problem solving).

Very unlikely a customer is lost when a problem happens; but, for sure, a customer can be lost if his problem won’t be solved.

Hiding behind secretaries with the excuse of "eternal meetings" or lack of answers leads nowhere. The serious company faces problematic situations trying to find new ideas for improvement.

Growth must be constant and continuous: that’s the way we can be classified as "reliable suppliers".

Am I wrong? What do you think?