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While reading publications of another sector, I stumbled across a piece of news that made me think, and that I feel like passing on with all due amendments, because it perfectly conveys a message we agree upon:

for thirty years, until 2019, we have taken part to the most important exhibitions of the agricultural sector all around the world. Now, for reasons we all know, they have been delayed for more than a year. In the past months, the exhibitions agencies have announced that, despite the pandemic, some shows will take place. It is important for us to affirm that we will not participate until the whole world will be safe, and we will be back to our normal lives. Either because we do not believe that in June the danger of the Covid-19 will be over, and because we think that we need to look ahead toward new forms of communication and marketing.

In the past we all felt the need to gather in noisy and crowed venues, like markets. We knew it was not the ideal place to showcase quality products, and that they were not fit to realistically represent our company, still we accepted them as a necessary evil.

We realize now that we can say everything with the wonderful media of modern technology, from e-mails, to Facebook, from the internet to other social platforms.

Whenever you feel like meeting with us, we will be glad to welcome you in our facilities so that you can see for yourselves the passion we pour into our work to offer you always improved products for your projects, and the enthusiasm we put into our technological development, to serve you the ideal solution, custom-made for you. We will be waiting for you; we are looking forward to this.