Available for the sector
  • Poultry Farms
  • Greenhouses

Manual gear reduction 1:16 with automatic brake system, studied for roll-up applications without sliding guide and worked by battery drill. It is formed by a gearbox with a worm screw for connection to the tube and a kit for the hexagonal key where to attach the battery drill. Its gears are mounted on ball bearings, the shaft is ΓΈ20 in stainless steel. Of compact size, it can be applied on any type of structure and does not need particular maintenance. Maximum advised length is 80/50 m. The product is in two sizes for a maximum height of 3/3,5 meters.

Item code Weight Reduction LMax Ø tube 27 LMax Ø tube 60 Nm-Max-In Nm-Max-Out
R16T-125 5 kg 1:16 80 m 50 m 12 Nm 50 Nm
R16T-165 6.5 kg 1:16 80 m 50 m 12 Nm 50 Nm

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